Eventful Ending

Closing day and Easter fell on the same day this year, so when asked what our favorite holiday was we obviously said closing day. The past few days have been a bit wild. We spent Saturday dropping corbets, apres'ing, and making ridiculous videos, Sunday we had a kegs (more like mimosa's) and eggs breakfast before heading to the resort which I didn't return home fromuntil midnight, and Monday was our Big Labowski ski club party at the bowling ally turned Demo party at fellow co-worker Dana's! Photos tell a better story..

20120411-103815.jpg Last chairlift rides until next year

20120411-103941.jpg Corbets Cave

20120411-104115.jpg TayTay on lady day

20120411-104300.jpg Corbets Cabin Waffles at the Summit!

20120411-104501.jpg Dropping in!

20120411-104612.jpg good morning, Lee! Happy closing day