Decision Time

I moved to Jackson because I love the sport of skiing.  Growing up ski racing has allowed me an excellent foundation for skiing, but ski racing was never "my thing" per-say.  I could never manage to be the fastest one down the mountain, and here lies my motivation to compete in freeskiing.  I love to compete, I'm a competitive person by nature and I love to ski.  I think this sport could be for me.

I have been training since May with determination to compete in this years FWT.  I reorganized my work schedule to accommodate 4 nights a week at Mountain Athlete with coach Rob Shaul.  I've motivated, pushed myself and fought through mental and physical exhaustion.  Now working 6 or 7 days a week, saving as much as I can for the winter months and throwing every last bit of energy into work outs at the gym or on the single track mountain biking, with the hopes of being a solid competitor this year. Regardless of results just being a competitor and having fun with it, doing the thing that I love to do-- Ski.

Mountain Sports International (MSI) has announced the first stop of the Freeskiing World Tour this year to take place at Ski Arpa, right in the shadows of the highest peak in the Americas, Cerro Aconcagua.  It's now time to make the decision with the help, support and motivation from my family, friends and motivators (especially my Mountain Athlete cohorts), do I take this opportunity by the horns and go to Chile?  This is the best opportunity for new athletes in the tour to earn points, to qualify and to be able to move past their first competition jitters.

So, do I empty my bank account, take some time off work, pack up my skis and buy the plane ticket to Chile?

To learn more about the FWT or the Ski Arpa event, check out the press release: here.