When Enough is Tough

The words 'I quit,' 'I give up,' or 'I can't' aren't in my vocabulary unless we are talking about math problems, but pushing your limits doesn't always work out in your favor. With a strong following in Cross Fit, Olympic lifting and other similar exercise regimens, there's alot of talk of over use injuries, injuries from improper technique and over lifting. I find myself nervous of injury in my weekly exercise routine, as an injury can be accidental, a freak occasion or over aggression. I personally think it's good to make it hurt a little.  Sure, I mean mentally hurt, grueling pain where you'd rather just lay down, but never pain where your limping out of the gym (unless you have an immediate build up of lactic acid and you instantly get muscle soreness).   Mentally tough athletes need to step back when something starts to hurt, change your movement, modify your movement and if you're still in pain it's time to give your injury a rest.

It takes alot for me to say, I really can't do this because I'm hurting my body.  I don't want to 'give up' and not finish a work out, I don't want to rest, I want to push through the pain!  But do I want to be sitting inside this winter while the snow build up?  Not a chance in hell.  It's very mental to separate quitting from knowing when enough is enough, and honestly saying enough is really tough, but sometimes necessary.