That Little Horsetheif

Natural disaster is not a phrase that frequents the places I've lived.  Sure, Maine had a hurricane two summers ago, but I proceeded to sit on the edge of the rocky shoreline and let the waves crash over my head without a second thought.   Saturday evening, when there was word that a fire had started in Game Creek (just south of the physical town of Jackson), I stopped in my tracks for a minute.

Jackson has been dry, cracked lips-dry mouth-scaly legs, dry.  There has been a ban on camp fires for most of the summer (making any kind of camping undesirable), the mountain bike trails have been dustier than hell and well, the heat has made it seem alot like hell on earth.  So, when the words 'forest fire in Jackson,' came out of someones mouth, I got worried.

After the first day the fire was about 1,000 acres in size, tonight nearly 48 hours later, the fire is close to 3,000 acres in size.  When I hope up this morning an evacuation advisory had been put into effect and thankfully has yet to be put into action.

What do you do when you are waiting to be told you need to leave your house and bring what you can because your house may burn down?!


  • Call your mom and ask if you have renters insurance
  • Call State Farm, try to buy renters insurance (key word: try)
  • Debate with your roommate what exactly was important to bring with you
  • Locate your passport
  • Paint your nails
  • Go through your closet and realize you could clothe a small army
  • Pack your ski equipment/clothes first
  • Realize you have too many winter jackets
  • Contemplate how you're going to fit two bikes in your car without a bike rack
  • worry and wait and worry and wait and wait and wait

Thank you to all of the firefighters and emergency personnel who have been fighting through the night and day to keep our town safe.  We would be complete soot without you!