The Monster Factory Episode 2: Business

Skiing is a unique industry and a culture of its own. At Mountain Athlete we are lucky enough to have really well established athletes to look up to and ask for help along the way. Making mistakes, learning to ask for what you want and trying to stay true to yourself are all just steps along the way. Check out Episode 2 of The Monster Factory: [vimeo 106328607 w=700 h=394]

The Monster Factory- Episode 2: Business from Handman Productions on Vimeo.

Stay Tuned for... The Monster Factory

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This season Mountain Athlete has decided to create a webisode series based around their freeski team.  I have been lucky enough to participate for the past 3 years training and preparing for winter surrounded by such a supportive group of talented skiers.  

Check out the trailer for whats to come and stay tuned for more...


[vimeo 101025673 w=500 h=281]

Mountain Athlete: The Monster Factory Teaser from Handman Productions on Vimeo.

The Season of Summer

May has been a whirlwind of playing.  My month of absence is inexcusable due to my open schedule, but I'd like to believe I've kept busy.  The weather in Jackson has been to die for and now they are telling us that it's going to snow this weekend, maybe the skis will have to come back out. I have relocated to town and am now happy to be able to bike to just about anywhere I need to go and have the grocery store a close half mile from my house.  I have some pretty exciting new roomies to, Julie and Pip!

Here are some images from what has been keeping my busy over the past month...

Winter Wrap Up

I decided to start this blog mostly to keep my family back east up to date on my latest crazy adventures. October 22, the day I left Maine, seems like forever ago. Jackson quickly became my new home and I couldn't be happier. Winter came and went quick, with closing weekend just 2 days away, I'm going to miss skiing more than ever this summer. "Lady Day" happens weekly here in Jackson (sometimes interrupted by the finest gentlemen wanting to get in on the action) when a handful of ladies gather with there skis to adventure into the mountains. This week we did back to back days up Glory Mt. Glory is a peak on Teton Pass that is about an hour boot pack with your gear. Here are some pictures from our adventures.