Proud & Loud Week 2 of the 100k Summer Training!

After spending three days feeling like a MAC truck had run me over, I jumped back on the wagon. Needless to say even shorts runs were victorious this week.

unnamed (1).jpg

What this week was suppose to look like:

1. REST. Stretch / Foam Roll / Core Strength

2. 45-min run [zone 1/2]

3. 80 min run: 20-30 min w/u, 30 min climb with 10x: 2 minutes hard [zone4] & 60 sec recovery [zone1]

4. 50min run [zone 1/2] + glute strength

5. REST. Stretch / Foam Roll / X-train

6. 2.5 hour hilly run: 30-40 min w/u, 3x 10 min [zone3/4] 6 min rest

7. 1.5 hr easy hike/run [zone 1-2]

What this week actually looked like:

Easy does it - 20 min [zone 2ish] :: Will I throw up?

60 min [zone 3/4ish] :: Friday after a long ass week of work/being sick and motivation was lowwww. This made me snap out of it.

unnamed (2).jpg

30 min [zone 3/4ish] :: After a full day of working on our house renovation that last thing I wanted to do was strap on my sneaks at 7pm and get out for a run. Managed to anyway and felt so much better after.


1. Still a little sick

2. Snowed all week.

3. No trails to run on - who knows where I can find a hill up in this joint?