Bring on Those April Showers!

I am very conscious to always call these items intentions in an attempt to stray from them being an end all, be all. Life is life and we can't always accomplish all we set out to do because, after all, they told us to dream big! So, these are intentions, things I am mindful of, hopeful to accomplish, but will never feel down on myself for not quite getting there.

Q1 just like that - poooooof, gone!

A quarter of the year has already come and gone and I feel like I am mentally still doing "New Year planning," for what my intentions are for 2018. It's amazing how fast the time can go.

The beginning of April marks a few things,

  1.  We've basically made it through winter and spring is (hopefully) right around the corner.
  2. The end of the first quarter of the year and
  3. A great moment to stop and assesses this year thus far.

My list is always long and daunting when it comes to personal items I want to focus on, goals and intentions but so far so steady. Re-reading my yearly goals regularly has helped. 

2018 Intentions:

FullSizeRender-1 2.jpg

-Spent 10 minutes a day decluttering. As simple as making the bed in the morning, putting away the clean dishes in the morning and making sure clothes get tidied into their spot at the end of the day.

-Meditate often. I haven't stayed up with this and need to jump back on the wagon. Subscribing to the calm app now.

-Less Drinking & More Hydrating. Crushing this! I have hardly been drinking alcohol and being much more aware of my water consumption.

-Sleep More. A to-bed before 10pm rule has allowed me to maintain consistent 8 hours of sleep a night with several puppy potty breaks as mild interruptions.

-Business & Personal Development. If you know me you know that I'm an idea person and have always wanted to have my own business. I'm working on it... and lots of personal development (EI training, managerial training) along the way!

-Daily Time Outside. Even if it's walking to the post office from my office or a dog walk, fresh airs solves so many problems!

In addition to setting yearly intentions I am mindly every month, and even every week, to set intentions and have tasks I would like to focus on.

April always has brought me a feeling of relief. I can rest easy knowing that the cold, dark months are behind us and we have warmth coming our way.

April Intentions:

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

-Rejuvenate the Morning Routine. This is time to appreciate yourself, care for yourself and start your day off positive. Take time to drink a glass of water, wash your face with warm welcoming water, mediate and stretch.

-Write More. So many thoughts, put them on paper!

-Take a Breath. Eager to please and a progress tracker. Breathe, remember what's important to you and move forward calm and collected.

-Spend less time concerned with the world. And more time focusing on your intentions! This means stop scrolling and comparing, stop wishing you were them and be who you want to be!

-GO OUTSIDE AND RUN! After all I am training for a 50k!