Winter Work Outs

As the days get shorter and the air cools off it's harder and harder to get outside to fit in exercise. I use to be a huge gym rat (see photo below) and would prefer going to the gym and grunting through an hour of weights than going on a long outdoor adventure.


Those times have changed but now behind a desk for 8 hours a day it's harder to find the time for outdoor adventures everyday–especially as winter approaches.

Looking for a quick and easy ass kicker no matter your fitness level? Try this:

Equipment Needed:

  • Weighted Medicine Ball (I used a 10lb ball, use whatever you feel comfortable with)
  • Small 16 inch box or step
  • 10-25lb weight (I used a 10kg weight)

Warm Up:

10 minutes of cardio

Strength: 4 Rounds

12x lunges while holding weight overhead with straight arms

12x air squats

Endurance: 5 Rounds

30 Sec Wall Ball (With Medicine ball)

30 sec tuck hold

30 sec touch-jump-touch

30 sec tuck hold

30 sec hippity-hop

30 sec tuck hold

60 sec rest